About Dizzy Chick

Saguaro National Park West, by Dizzy Chick

My name Dizzy Chick, aka Wendy, and I live in Arizona with my amazing husband and our two furry babies.

I started telling my story in another blog titled A Picnic With Ants.  I simply felt that I was no longer doing what I intended with that blog, and wanted a fresh start.

Dizzy Chick will be more of a journal with some information posts added in.  

I hope this blog helps someone feel like they are less alone and maybe find out something they didn’t know, but I admit I’m mainly writing this for myself.  I’m not worried about stats, or anything like that.  I just need to put things into words without feeling guilty that I’m rambling all the time about me, me, me.  In other words, if you’re here, you’re going to be reading all abut my life.  Sometimes, I think, it’s pretty interesting.  Other times it’ll probably be boring…sorry in advance.

The title, Dizzy Chick, refers to me and Meniere’s Disease.  Meniere’s causes sudden bouts of vertigo and hearing loss.  My vertigo spells have slowed down, but I lost my hearing because of the disease and now have Cochlear Implants.  I also have vestibular migraines, they also cause vertigo.  As you can see, I’m a bit of a Dizzy Chick.  I also have Chronic Migraines, with and without aura, Cluster Headaches, and New Daily Persistent Headaches.  I don’t understand why they continue to call them “New” when I’ve had a non-stop headaches for 47 years, starting when I was 11.

I love comments and suggestions, so feel free to drop me a one.

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